1. Dig It Up
    Montréal, Québec
  2. The Planet Smashers
    Montreal, Québec
  3. The Creepshow
    Toronto, Ontario
  4. Isotopes
    Vancouver, British Columbia
  5. The Penske File
    Burlington, Ontario
  6. Lost Love
    Montreal, Québec
  7. Boids
    Montreal, Québec
  8. Hellbound Hepcats
    Montreal, Québec
  9. Fire Next Time
    Edmonton, Alberta
  10. The Beatdown
    Montreal, Québec
  11. Los Kung Fu Monkeys
    Tijuana, Mexico
  12. Raygun Cowboys
    Edmonton, Alberta


Stomp Records Montreal, Québec

Independent punk, ska and psycho record label based in the heart of Montreal.
Now celebrating 20 years of debauchery.

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